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These videos provide insight into the variety of Learning Communities offered by the College of Arts & Sciences. Each community is designed for a specific group of students. The application process and program requirements vary. Featured programs include: Arts And Sciences: This is How College is Meant to be, Living-Learning Centers, The Power of a Liberal Arts Education, The Blount Undergraduate Initiative, Parker Adams Living-Learning Community of Harris Hall, New College  Read More →

What are Learning Communities?

The College of Arts & Sciences is committed to establishing diverse learning communities that provide freshmen students with opportunities to network with small groups of students who share similar interests.  Research shows us that students who participate in these communities have increased student success and satisfaction rates.  Their learning experiences extend beyond the classroom through group discussions, participation in campus activities and attendance at special events.  These communities are offered in the form of Living-Learning Communities (LLCs).  These programs combine residential living with one or two core courses. Students who participate in living learning communities get to know each other early in the semester... Read More →

Living-Learning Communities

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) Living-Learning Communities differ from Freshmen Learning Communities because participating students not only take a one-credit seminar and core courses together, they also live and study together in a residential setting. Each LLC is designed with specific students in mind and include services, programs and activities to enhance the academic program for those students. Students participate in LLCs for both Fall and Spring semesters during the freshman year.   Some LLCs continue into the sophomore through senior years. LLCs do not include any extra costs beyond... Read More →


Registration for The Parker Adams Living-Learning Community is now open for 2015! Deadline: May 1st  Read More →